Workshop 06 / One Tree

Location: Part of Limekiln/Park Wood, Limekiln Forest Road, Boarshead, near Crowborough, East Sussex. Latitude 51°03’55”N. Longitude 0°11’58”E. Nearest postcode: TN3 9LQ. Within the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

Client: Article 25 – an NGO dedicated to shelter

Facilitators: Roland Karthaus (mobile 07901677465 –  email ), Raphael Lee with Jonathan McDowell (Architect/Partner McDowell and Benedetti)


DESCRIPTION: fixings and finishing. Students need to ensure that they are realistic in what they can deliver so as to not leave things unfinished on site. Students will also need to commit to material provided and work within the economy of means at the start of the project, while being ambitious with design aspirations and turning the ‘economy of means’ from a perceived difficulty into an architectural merit.

INTRODUCTION: Article 25 set this workshop task in 2010, and after achieving a credible outcome have commissioned us to continue the research into the making of a shelter using only one newly felled tree, with only basic hand tools.

The commission relates to disaster situations where remote forest communities, such as in the recent Venezuelan earthquakes, need shelter which can be constructed from the surrounding forest, but with as little ecological impact as possible. Hand tools are all that would be available in such situations, and to increase the realism of the task the workshop will be located within a forest situated in the Kent countryside.

OUTCOME: A tree will be freshly felled for the workshop, and to support the team prior to the field work Raphael Lee will teach a range of timber working techniques within the UEL workshops, including squaring, sizing and jointing, to enable the groups designs to be realised.

KEY RISKS TO CONSIDER: The ‘ANNEX 1’ risk assessment is a document that asks you, the team to collaborate in anticipating the activities you are about to engage in, and to develop a strategy to deliver a safe and effective outcome. This is not a chore – it is core – an architect who cannot establish a safe design is not an architect. Complete the risk assessments online as a first draft via the blog and upload for review on the 19th September – as the design progresses, the risk assessment will be revised and uploaded as Revision A latest Thursday 23rd September.

Key risk considerations for  Workshop 6 ONE TREE: Responsibility for


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Brief / Wsp06

Location map / Wsp06

Article 25 / Wsp06

Shave Wood Site Plan / Wsp06

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