Workshop 10 / Bird Hide

Location: Paddington Green Primary School, Park Place Villas, London W2 1SP

Client: Paddington Green School with Sophia Ioannou, Environmental Tutor (07951154745)

Facilitators: Roland Karthaus (mobile 07901677465 / e-mail ), Sophia Ioannou


Description: The client is a primary school in Paddington, located between the detached Villas of Little Venice and the social housing towers of Paddington Green. As part of the School environmental curriculum, the tutor – Sophia Ioannou has identified the potential for a bird hide within the ‘environmental wild’ area of the school grounds. Note that the school is in a Conservation Area, and part of the complex is listed – the erection of a greenhouse required planning permission so the regulatory framework requires checking with

The design development will engage with the children in a collaborative presentation/workshop at the start of the workshop – ideas can then be filtered and a model of the proposal presented to the head and staff for approval. Once agreed the design is to be constructed on site. The school has all facilities available.

OUTCOMES: The bird hide is to combine shelter with required teacher surveillance, be delicate in appearance but robust enough to withstand the educational environment, appear ephemeral but last an all seasons lifecycle across many years. Attention must be paid to the children’s safety in use.

KEY RISKS TO CONSIDER: The ‘ANNEX 1’ risk assessment is a document that asks you, the team to collaborate in anticipating the activities you are about to engage in, and to develop a strategy to deliver a safe and effective outcome. This is not a chore – it is core – an architect who cannot establish a safe design is not an architect. Complete the risk assessments online as a first draft via the blog and upload for review on the 19th September – as the design progresses, the risk assessment will be revised and uploaded as Revision A latest Thursday 23rd September.

Key risk considerations for Workshop 10 Bird Hide: The travel to and from site, the site is separate from the main play area but requires a cordon, hi-vis vests and appropriate protective clothing is required, construction noise is a site issue, the school has a general health and safety policy that should be familiar to the team and complied with, basic fabrication on site, with the potential of transporting part made elements from UEL – note safe handling especially if transporting materials across the communal areas or receiving deliveries – ensure liaison with the school facilities team at all times.


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Brief / Wsp10

Bird Hide 2009 / Wsp10

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