This blog is the main platform for the Construction week overview and organization. Here you can find the workshops’ briefs, blank forms to fill when required, and documents regarding the single workshops.

In the section DIARY>UPLOAD you are asked to upload the main documents referring to your workshop: calendar, contacts, expenses, risk assesment so that they are constantly available for everyone in the main page of our Blog. (Main DOCs = Main Blog)

Each workshop is also asked to set up a personal blog where uploading photographs and comments every day. To set up the blog read the following Instructions. (Photographs, comments = Single WSPs Blogs)


1. Go to>sign up and set up the blog of your own workshop. The name of the blogs referring to the single workshops should be cw2011nameoftheworkshop (e.g. cw2011workshop01 / cw2011workshop02 / cw2011workshop03 etc.)

2. Once activated, a confirmation of THE BLOG WEB ADDRESS + THE EMAIL ADDRESS referring to that blog must be sent to

3. AFTER having sent you data, you will receive an invitation to join the Main Blog as Editor, that is to say you can upload the Main DOCs in the Main Blog.

4. The single WSPs Blogs will be soon displayed in the section DIARY>UPLOAD>WSPsBlogs so that you can access them from a single platform.


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