Post in this section the documents that you workshop can upload daily.

To enter the Main Blog as Editor, just
– sign up in WordPress.com with you own website address>Dashboard>Blogs>select constructionweek2011.
– go to the column on the left side of your screen>Media and upload you media file form your pc (doc, pdf etc.). Remember to copy the FTP path and save changes.
– return to the column on the left side of your screen>Pages>select the page you need to change (e.g. Expenses). Select the name of your workshop and click the button “link”. Insert the FTP address previously copied. Save changes.
– Done!

Once you enter the Main Blog dashboard you are allowed to modify any article. It is important that you modify only the links referring to your workshop in the section UPLOAD (calendars, contacts, expenses, risk assesment). Do not modify anything else.
Thank you for your collaboration!

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